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Hull Най-песнопения(Страница 4) Футбол песнопения

Roaring stuff from the Tigers.

6813 Brownie Give Us a Wave Sang to Phill Brown, which normally concludes in a Phill Brown wave:) Списък за изпълнение
6923 England Sang against Manchester United when they sang Argentina to Tevez
6958 Stand Up If You Love City Everyone stands up Списък за изпълнение
7015 We Can See You Sneakin Out Sang to oppositions fans when they leave early
7195 Come on City A cracking, rousing, Hull City chant sung by Hull fans. Списък за изпълнение
7272 Ashbee Fans referring to Ashbees Dads spoon bending skills.
7479 We're Gunna Win the League Sung after beating Arsenal
7509 Sing When Your Winning Sang to Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium.
7598 We All Hate Leeds Scum Simple but effective; tells them Leeds lot what we think of em Списък за изпълнение
7655 Your Support Not like ours Списък за изпълнение
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7691 When the Hull Goes Marching In Classic old football chant adapted by City Списък за изпълнение
7711 You'll Never Walk Alone Sang At Everton to piss them off
7891 Der Der City A great Hull City chant to sing, gets the crowd going. Great ringtone. Списък за изпълнение
7999 Caleb Folan Feed the Foal Caleb Folan chant.
8175 Who the F*** Are Man United man utd
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