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15 Celtic Песни & усилвател; Футбол песнопения

Are the hoops the loudest in the world?

60 Sebo Celtic taking the p*ss chanting for Rangers to bring on Sebo (he's cr*p!) Списък за изпълнение
96 Jumpin out Da Windys Givin Grief T Da Huns
118 Cheats cheating bams!
365 We're Doing Conga When Rangers Die Song about Rangers financial problems. Celebrations include the conga. (Ed: Not a great recording but sure there will be better to replace it with soon) Списък за изпълнение
465 Champions 67 Song about Celtic winning the European Cup in 1967 Списък за изпълнение
476 We Shall Not Be Moved Ever! Списък за изпълнение
579 Celtic (Claps) Real rouser, makes a great ringtone for a Celtic fan Списък за изпълнение
815 Ha Ha in the tune of Hello, hello...!
852 The Fields of Athenrye A classic Irish folk song sang at Celtic and Ireland games, also at Ireland rugby games where it beats "Sweet chariot" hands down! Списък за изпълнение
975 One Neil Lennon For old time favourite Neil Lennon Списък за изпълнение
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1207 We Won the League Again Celtic keep winning it again and again and again. Списък за изпълнение
1263 Handsome Hun no handsome Huns
1300 Emilio Izzaguire!!!! Emilio Izzaguire Celtic's Left Back Squad No. 3
1352 Can You Hear the Rangers Sing? We hate Rangers Списък за изпълнение
1358 One Neil Lennon, Like Me and You Ode to the Irish Legend Lennon!
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